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Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs Update Will Drop This Summer!

Wonderful news for Minecraft Players like myself today, the new update is aimed at Caves & Cliffs! Many other players and I did mention that 80% of the Journey in Minecraft was spent on the crust of each world. Well, Mojang turned heads today with their latest Dev Diary, revealing more details on the upcoming update!

I love the wonderful idea of a cave biome that includes lakes, waterfalls, and natural lighting! I’m also a big fan of their “Cheese and Spaghetti Caves” idea as well. This is going to open up more opportunities for underground bases, houses, or even cities! As for the cliffs, I do like the fact that there are Moutain Goats now, but it’s creepy seeing them jump so high…

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The snow itself is more powder-like, with many blocks varying in height in a small area. There are also snow traps (or ditches covered by snow) that give the player more caution. Overall, Mojang updates are always great, and one of the game developers that I trust to improve their titles! Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs update will drop this Summer 2021. I can’t wait to give it a shot myself.

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