Microsoft Offering More Than $10 Billion To Buy Discord

Holy sh**, Microsoft puts more than $10 billion on the table for Discord, according to Bloomberg! As we all know it, Discord has become a massive hit with gamers around almost every platform. It provides community-making tools, high-quality voice chats, and excellent text channels for gamers seeking variety in the new age! Previous to this service,Β  Skype ruled over the voice call, and we all know how bad that quality was…

Anyway, Microsoft drops a massive $10 billion on the table as an offer for Discord! This means they see huge potential in this app, which may cause the founders to decline. These are some of the situations that will define this service forever and a big milestone for Founders as well!

Now, let’s switch perspectives over to Microsoft for a second. If they happen to acquire Discord after this offer, this will give Xbox and their services a huge boost due to the simple fact that 100-million people are active on this platform monthly! Not only that, this service is highly known and used by almost everyone in the gaming community.

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That being said, Bloomberg also mentioned that they’ve had offers from Amazon and Epic Games in the past. At first, I questioned Jeff Bezos in my mind because of the potential he was missing out on. Then I remembered that he dominates Online Shopping, so there isn’t too much reason to branch out unless he had a grudge against digital companies.

Either way, we will see what happens in the upcoming month or so. Even if Microsoft did acquire Discord, I’m sure they won’t mess it up… Right?

Written by Johnny Django

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