MEGALOBOX 2: Nomad Has Been Announced!

A surprising return of the short-termed boxing anime that came out in 2018, now back with age! The main character, Joe, seems to be going through a mid-life crisis and is still fighting! Judging from the trailer, Joe seems to be Around 30-40’ish and has a drug problem.

Although he seems to be doing well in the ring, his physical appearance looks banged up more than ever. On the brighter side, his good ol’ pal Gansaku hasn’t changed a bit, it seems. Unless that was a distant memory of Joe’s considering how much he’s grown.

Either way, we will be seeing more of Gearless Joe coming this April 2021! Let’s hope our Boxing Desperado doesn’t go down that path of fame no one likes to talk about… This news came from Crunchyroll originally, and I just wanted to point that out as well!

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