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Maneater Coming To Nintendo Switch On May 25th

These sharks are not your ordinary half-blind predators

Maneater is set to drop for Nintendo Switch on May 25th, 2021! I know this game isn’t very popular, so I will quickly run down what it’s about. It’s actually rather simple, you are a shark, and you eat humans. The more humans you eat, the bigger you become. What’s interesting about this title is that it’s an RPG, crazy right? You can explore, level up, and even evolve all in one world! If you are a Visual Learner, here’s Maneater’s trailer:

Although the theme is rather grim and dark, it hides these factors with a funny style! The sharks you play as have abnormal movement, the humans are low IQ, and the world acts as if these blood-thirsty super mutants won’t eat them next! Again, this game will be available on Nintendo Switch on May 25th this year!

Written by Kai

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