Man Plays DOOM On Pregnancy Test Screen

Man plays DOOM on pregnancy test… I’ve had enough of 2020 after seeing this.

The time has come where I show everybody the mad genius of my Twitter explorations. Only this time, we have a man reprogrammed a PREGNANCY TEST to play DOOM on. Now, you can’t shoot or see enemies, it seems, but it’s the simple fact that you can move with WASD on it.

So, two days before this, he posted a video of DOOM Gameplay being played on a Pregnancy Test screen. After it blew up on Reddit and Twitter, he decided to go through with the playable DOOM version. Now I’ve seen some crazy things, but this one has me thinking of too many questions.

I’m pretty sure he is still working on it, but that’s extremely impressive. The amount of skill and coding that possibly took would have driven me batshit. If he can do that with a pregnancy test, I wonder what else he can do that too. Maybe he can reprogram one of those old McDonalds video game toys from the old Happy Meals?

Not to get off-topic, but McDonald’s was ahead of their time with these little minigames you found in your Happy Meals. I would’ve never thought to make these small devices, smart idea by McDonald’s because these were great! Yea, they were cheesy and cheaply programmed, but it’s the idea that mattered.

Furthermore, Foone is redoing this DOOM Project but on a bigger screen! By bigger screen, I mean more significant Pregnancy Test. I’m super interested to see how this will turn out. Here is the new Pregnancy Test he will be working with:

Written by Johnny Django

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