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We interviewed LunarLux Developer Nobab MoinuddinDigagami Indie Series!

In this episode of the Digagami Indie Series (D.I.S), we are joined by Nobab Moinuddin, Developer of LunarLux!

What is LunarLux?

LunarLux is a “Turn-Based Action RPG on the Moon”! Nobab describes LunarLux’s story in short here:

” It is the Year 30XX; a time where humanity has successfully colonized and terraformed the moon! Join Lunar Warrior, Bella, and her robot sidekick, Tetra, in their quest to protect the people of Luna from the mysterious Murks! “


Nobab – “LunarLux” Interview

We asked Nobab a couple of questions on his upcoming release “LunarLux” and himself, this is what we found:

Digagami:What was the first video game you ever played?”

Nobab:My very first video game was Pokémon Red! Ever since that game captured my imagination as a kid, I’ve always had a great love for RPGs. My two absolute favorite game series would be Pokémon and MegaMan Battle Network!”


Digagami:What inspired you to become a Game Developer?”

Nobab: Definitely Toby Fox. I first played his game Undertale back in 2015. It completely blew me away! This man spent years working on the game and he poured so much heart and soul into it. I was so inspired, I wanted to create a game of my own. Games have been a great way to let the imagination blossom and I believe any game, no matter how big or small, has the potential to impact someone’s life in a positive way.”


Digagami:How did you come up with the concept for LunarLux?”

Nobab:The concept for LunarLux started in 2017. I remember watching a documentary about the Moon and it made me curious as to whether humans could live on the moon someday. I immediately went online to do some research and found some really fascinating theories and concepts that sounded really cool! I wanted to create an RPG adventure that explored the idea of living on the moon! I was also interested in exploring my own fictional answers to the universe’s biggest mysteries and questions. Antimatter, wormholes, teleportation, artificial atmospheres, and aliens are some of the things that I wanted to incorporate in LunarLux!”


Digagami: “Were there any games you played in throughout the making of LunarLux?”

Nobab:Definitely! I drew inspiration from amazing games such as the MegaMan Star Force and Battle Network Series, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!”


Digagami: “Which engine did you use to make LunarLux?”

Nobab:LunarLux is made in RPG Maker 2003! Some day I hope to reach a wider audience by porting LunarLux to more platforms!”


Digagami: “Have there been any errors/malfunctions that delayed LunarLux’s demo release date?”

Nobab:Thankfully there have been no errors or malfunctions! I’ve had a great network of supportive friends that helped test the game and provide feedback to ensure a smooth playing experience. Honestly, If I had more time to spend developing the game, it could probably have released sooner! I was managing my time between school, family, work, and game development for the past 2+ years! Thankfully, I’m going to graduate this Spring with my degree in Electrical Engineering (Hooray!) so I’ll have more time to dedicate to continuing the development of the full game!”


Digagami:: “Out of all the other games you can have possibly made, why this one?”

Nobab:LunarLux is a love letter to all my favorite RPGs and Anime that have impacted me and inspired me creatively. I wanted to dream big, and create a world that is crafted in such a way where many stories can be told. There was a time where I wished I could replay the games I loved with a fresh mind; as if i was experiencing them for the first time again. In a way, LunarLux was made so that I can experience once more, all the aspects and features I love in RPGs.”


Digagami: “Are there any easter eggs or secret passages in LunarLux?”

Nobab:Heheh. Indeed! MegaMan Battle Network fans will certainly notice a few easter eggs. There’s even a few Undertale references! As for secret passages: Heh. Indeed! Players will definitely be rewarded for exploring every nook and cranny.”


Digagami: “We love the art style, did you draw it yourself?”

Nobab:I’m actually the sole developer for LunarLux, so everything in the game was more or less drawn by me. From the pixel art, to the in-game character portraits! The official artwork for LunarLux, however, was illustrated by my friend and amazing artist Penporo!”


Digagami: “Can you point out something unique in LunarLux that may go unnoticed?”

Nobab:Oooo, I would say pay close attention any time the “Murk Slayer ” is mentioned. Although you play as Lunar Warrior Bella for the entirety of Chapter 1 (The Demo), she will not be the only playable character in the full game. 😉 There’s so much more to the story of LunarLux that I haven’t revealed in this demo!”


Digagami:How far has LunarLux changed from its original concept to the end result?”

Nobab:The concept has always remained the same: A fun Sci-Fi RPG adventure on the moon! In terms of game mechanics, the battle system was the most difficult thing to finalize. Originally, LunarLux was going to have an Action-Battle System, utilizing skills and a 2×3 grid for the player to move around (Similar to the MegaMan Battle Network Games). Over time, it has evolved into a hybrid turn-based action battle system, where you can dodge enemy attacks and perform Lux Combos by stacking 3 skills to deal massive damage!”


Digagami: “Tell us about the soundtrack for the game?”

Nobab:First word that comes to mind is: Stellar! The soundtrack’s lead composer, Vanilluxe Pavilion, did a fantastic job with the music. He’s an absolute pleasure to work with! I’m also extremely grateful to include original tracks composed by: Emdasche (Final Boss Theme), Trevor Bentley (Phantom Realm Theme), and Brotad (Colony: Silica Theme).” 

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