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Riot Games Working on Developing A Mobile Version of League Of Legends!

Big news everyone! The Company Riot Games and Tencent are finally putting together plans for a mobile version of League of Legends! This was confirmed by Reuters early in the morning!

Considering Riot Games hasn’t made another game (Excluding mini-games), this is incredible! Getting yelled at by the Inting Yasu… I mean enjoying a nice “fun” wholesome experience on the train to your 9 to 5 doesn’t sound that bad, right? 

Obviously, Riot is going to be limiting features due to Mobile Limitations. But Toxicity, Bad Teammates, and Lag have no limitation for they are what seems to be for eternity.

Hold on, not everything about this is negative! For us Addicted League of Legends players who can’t get enough of the game, you can now whip out this Mobile Version of League of Legends anywhere!

In school? Tell your teacher it’s for “Educational Purposes”.  At work? Tell your boss there’s a family emergency! Getting mauled by a Bear? Tell that motherf***er to wait until your Ranked Match is over! (Don’t actually do anything of this stuff I mentioned)

“But wait Shogun, isn’t there already a Mobile version of League already out?” Well little Jimmy, yes but I do not see them staying for long after Riot Games launches the Mobile version of League of Legends.

Why? Because most of the Mobile Legends players are just League of Legends players without access to League of Legends on their Phone/Tablet. Now I’m not bashing on Mobile Legends right now, but I am stating the fact that the competition between Mobile Legends and League of Legends is gonna be ugly!

You have to remember, Tencent (Who owns Riot) already sued Moonton (Mobile Legends) for $2.9M and won. So this feud is nothing new between each other, it’s just going to become worse as time progresses!

Everything aside for a second because I want to point something out, I’ve never said I didn’t like the Idea of League of Legends was coming to Mobile. I just stated like maybe 1 or 2 issues and that’s about it, even tossed in some jokes as well!

Johnny Django
Co-founder of Digagami. Johnny Django is a gaming enthusiast with raw-unfiltered opinions who has a major love for the Video Game Community.

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