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League of Legends – Which House Are You Going To Represent?

League of Legends brings us a different type of event this May 2nd, with Factions (But they call them houses)! We have the Council house, the United house, the Faceless house, and the Warband house! You have the option to be sorted to a house by completing a Quiz, or you can just select the house you want to join. Press the “Choose Your House” button at the bottom right of your client to see all house choices.

Here’s what your client should look like once you log in:

After you’ve entered that tab, you will have 2 options. The first option is the take the quiz at the top of that tab, and the second option would be just to flat out pick a house you like.

This is what your screen should look like:

Once on that screen, you have the option to hover a house and check out the purpose of each one! Decide from there which one fits your playstyle or which one you want to join!

Here are all the House pages you can view:

The Council House
The United House
The Faceless House
The Master House… I mean The Warband House

Once you have chosen your house, check your Missions tab for cool rewards you can earn!

When this event ends June 2nd, The winning team will be rewarded with a Golden House Emote, In-Game Finisher Animation, and an Icon so make sure to choose wisely!

Also, the event includes:

-Trials 2019 Pass

Mid Season Trials start from May 2nd to June 2nd, have fun!

What do you think about this New Event? Which team are you rooting for? Let us know in the comment section!

Johnny Django
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