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League of Legends – Sanguine Blade Meta!

From time to time, League of Legends surprises us with an Item or Rune that ends up running the entire game for months or even a whole season.

Prime example: Banner of Command. Around March of 2018, it was a MUST to have this item already built. This item changed the game so much, that they had to hot-fix remove it.

Day 1 of Preseason 10, I have played a total of 9 games and I haven’t seen an item abused like Sanguine Blade in a while.

Top Laners, Junglers, Mid Laners, ADCs, & Supports have been using this item like it’s going out of Fashion!

I feel a Hot-Fix coming, and i already know it’s going to make the item as useless as S9 Storm Razor Post-Nerf.

Check out it’s current 9.23 stats here:

Assassins, Lethality Marksmen, & other Lethality champion abusers have honestly just turned this game into a boring place to be right now.

Powerfarming is all 9.23 Patch is in a nutshell, you pick Yi, Graves, Yasuo, or any other late game scaler and just powerfarm.Β 

Junglers who like to support their lanes will find their Gold leads dissappear as the powerfarming junglers take out sides of your jungle.

Master Yi builds Sanguine Blade and Guinsoo’s Blade in under 15 mins of powerfarming, games practically over without proper CC.

Hopefully, we will see a nerf arrive for this monster of a tool low IQ players use to feel good about themselves! Maybe even toss in a “ggez” after all that hard work you do in jungle!

Also here’s the meme from the Clip Art above:

Written by Johnny Django

Co-founder of Digagami. Johnny Django is a gaming enthusiast with raw-unfiltered opinions who has a major love for the Video Game Community.


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