League of Legends – G2 Crowned Victors of MSI 2019!

G2 Absolutely steam rolls Team Liquid in the Invitational Finals with a clean 3-0! Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther was awarded MVP for his outstanding performance throughout the Tournament! Who shined the most in the Finals? Digagami gives that award to G2’s Mikyx for an amazing Support performance throughout the finals!

Take a look at these big moments during the Invitational Finals!


G2 really sets the tone for the rest of the finals in the first Min into Game 1, lowering Orianna to a dangerous level of HP and capitalizing off of Core JJ’s poor positioning!

Jankos finds a opening in the unwarded botlane bush and uses that advantage to send Core JJ to the gray screen. That’s just a teaspoon of pressure Jankos is going to be applying in Game 1.

Perkz and Mikyx wait patiently for Tahm Kench to drop Doublelift into a Full Rakan CC Chain allowing Perkz to unleash a storm of Feathers onto Doublelift as he tries to escape desperately! After the replay is over, you see Xsmithie and Core JJ trapped in Jankos arena to be rewarded with the grey screen!

Jankos and Wunder almost tower dive Impact successfully, but Doublelift appears from the Fog Of War to save the day with a Varus Ultimate!

Mikyx once more squeezes his way smoothly into a tower dive which leads Xsmithie and Jenson defeated, but Jenson in his final action puts down Perkz now leaving Wunder and Jankos to attend the Impact and Core JJ Successful tower dive!

G2 once more, tower dives Team Liquid for 2 mid turrets including a free Baron

Did I mention Team Liquid got dove under tower again? Oh wait but this time, Team Liquid looked as if they were going to win that fight but Wunder gave them false hope as he reactivated his ult causing him to kill off Doublelift and Core JJ!

Then G2 ends Game 1 demanding respect from Team Liquid!


Heading into Game 2, Mikyx lands an outstanding hook on Doublelift forcing him to flash to safety. Core JJ tries to flash to safety with Doublelift but is caught by a Rek’ Sai/ Thresh cc Combo!

Core JJ and Doublelift caught in a 2 vs 4 situation under the turret, causing both of them to die along with some turret plating. Jenson makes his way down to a 1 vs 4 play and baits G2 in giving Impact 2 kills with his Flash Kennen Ult Combo to bring back some gold for TL!

Mikyx landing a hook on Impact while his ult is on cooldown causing G2 to engage,Jenson and Xsmithie take advantage of the situation and slams the hammer down on Perkz and Mikyx. Jenson searches for the remaining survivors of the G2 massacre and finds himself visiting the grey screen after Caps and Wunder pick off the remaining members of Team Liquid!

Caps acted quickly taking Kennen ults and flashing in the middle of Team Liquid stunning and allowing G2 to shred the front and backline! Wunder pyke ults 2 members leaving Jankos and Caps to finish them off for a Nexus explosion!


Caps giving it his all in a 1 vs 2 situation as Jenson and Xsmithie desperately try to earn the kill! Mikyx comes to save the day last second to stop Jenson from killing Caps with a shield dash and feather slap to the face!

G2 has pressure all around the board, Mikyz lands a knockup almost causing Doublelift to spectate the game in a grey tint, Caps roams top to help Wunder eliminate Impact under turret, and Jankos is securing Ocean Drake all at the same time!

Team Liquid holding on for the sake of the finals but Caps, Jankos, and Wunder are not having any of it! Jankos and Wunder eliminating Impact and Caps asserting his dominance in the mid lane!

Wunder lands a 3-man Neeko game-winning stun followed up with Irelia ultimate by Caps destroying Team Liquid in Game 3!

Highly unfortunate for Team Liquid during the Invitational Finals, TL didn’t seem to have been prepared and coordinated enough to stop the G2 clean sweep! A good amount of effort was displayed by both teams and G2 will now be moving onto Worlds! Again, congratulations to Caps for winning MVP in the Invitational Tournament!  

But there was someone even happier about G2’s victory than anyone:

What do you think about this year’s Invitational Tournament? What were your favorite moments? Let us know down in the comment section below!

Written by Johnny Django

Co-founder of Digagami. Johnny Django is a gaming enthusiast with raw-unfiltered opinions who has a major love for the Video Game Community.


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