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League of Legends – Demacia Vice

Just when you thought Rocket League was the only game taking it back to the 80s, that’s where you are wrong my friend! League of Legends teased the new “Miami Vice” themed Demacians in the “ULTRACOMBO” animated trailer.

“Dispatching Demacia Vice” at the end of the video showcasing the art of Vice Garen and Lucian! This teaser wasn’t alone, in the deep searching I’ve also found this nice poster here!

Along with the skins, came a soundtrack from last year and a whole new arcade game! If you think about it, that Thunderdome poster above is the Arcade Game Cover art. The only thing is, they haven’t confirmed that so… Anyways, here’s some leaked Vice Arcade Game footage:

For now, Vice Garen and Lucian splash arts were the only splashes leaked. The price is unknown but it’s safe to assume that it will be 1350 RP. Here are their Splash Arts:

Vice Garen
Vice Lucian

If you didn’t know already, these highly resemble “Miami Vice”.Β  Garen being Sonny Crockket and Lucian being Ricardo Tubbs!

Ricardo on the left and Sonny on the right
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