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League of Legends – Aphelios, New ADC Revealed

Our faith is proven fate each time we deny it.


Now for the respect of you readers who don’t like to be spoiled, I will warn you that the next text will contain spoilers from Aphelios’s Biography. You can read the his full story here.

A Very Brief Summary of His Biography

Aphelios & Alune (His twin sister) were born during a rare Lunar Convergance, where the Eclipse reflects the Spiritual Realm.

His sister basically turns into a Spirit who eventually taps into some crazy power, meanwhile her brother Aphelios is training to defeat the solari.

In a battle between Solari and Lunar, Aphelios almost dies but Alune possesses him with that crazy power and he kills all the Solari in that battle. In conclusion, Aphelios is powered by his Spirit twin sister.

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