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League of Legends – Aatrox Is Currently Unstoppable and Here’s Why

The Demonic Titan has been going back and forth between being not such a great pick or just being flat out Over-Powered. Patch 9.9 reverted most of the changes done to Aatrox between Patches 9.2 & 9.3, back to the on-release Reworked Aatrox.

He wasn’t completely reverted though… With a few tweaks and there, Aatrox can now life-steal a good portion of his health back with his passive, his ultimate got a huge nerf, and for some reason, they decided to revert his health regen from 8 back down to 3.

All that being said, why is Aatrox currently unstoppable in the right hands? Conqueror plays a big factor in the damage charts for Aatrox right now, but Riot still doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal:

The oldest trick in the Riot book
By 2%?????? Riot’s Trolling

If you land all 3 Q’s at Level 3, very few Top Laners would be lucky enough to walk away with at most 40% of their health missing. The current Aatrox Level 3 lane combo Consists of landing 3 Qs and auto attacking in-between each of the recasted Qs.

His Auto Passive life-steals and empowers his auto attack instead of lowering healing/shielding, and if he hasn’t already caught up to you with his E then he will press the R button and proceed to chase you down like Michael Myers.

Counter Play? Well, you see… If Aatrox can win against a Renekton player level 3, then you know the champion is broken. Renekton has one of the most devastating level 3 all-ins, but in 9.9, Aatrox dominates that category!  

At this point of time, he might be so Over-Powered that he can kill one of his biggest counters without a sweat! One of those counters being Heimerdinger, second in line would be Cho’Gath, but Aatrox’s current state would demolish Cho’gath without a sweat as well!


Do you think Aatrox has Counter Play currently in 9.10? Let us know down in the comment section below!

Johnny Django
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