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Kung Fu Panda X Brawlhalla Crossover Event Live Now!


Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda joined the Brawlhalla roster recently, launching with an event as well! Don’t worry, Po has brought some friends along as well, and unwanted company too… Three characters from the Kung Fu Panda series are joining the game: Po, Tigress, and Tai Lung! These three mirror the abilities of Wu Shang, Asuri, and Mordex! The Spirit Realm is already a Ranked map, plus a new 1v1 game mode is live as well!

If you would like to read the full patch notes for yourself, here is a link to them. If you get Po, you must Skadoosh anyone in your path, or you are a failure to Master Shifu… But I am a bit disappointed Master Oogaway wasn’t added. I would’ve loved to see him stand still with the camera zoomed in on his face while he says “Monkey” in a faint tone after he beats his opponent!

Written by Pierce

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