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Joe Tung Parts Ways with Riot Games

Joe Tung, Executive Vice President for Riot Games, is parting ways with the company. You may know him as “Good News Lee Sin” or “New001”, but he was mainly known for being the face of “Riot Pls”.

Recently, Joe Tung tweeted out a letter stating that he will be leaving Riot Games. In this letter, he says that he will be “Starting a new game studio from scratch”:

Although I complain about League of Legends 90% of the time, deep down inside I complain because I care. League of Legends transformed from a horrible looking game, to what it is today. Joe Tung had a big part in League of Legends success, and we have to respect that.

Riot Pls isn’t the same without Joe Tung as the face of it, but it’s been like that for a while now. I also noticed that he said in the last paragraph of the letter:

I hope to make more games you care about enough to tell mer how terrible I am at balancing them.

I think that this quote is hilarious because imagine how much they are laughing while we complain about the game and come back. If I was a balancing team worker, I would laugh too because you can’t make everyone happy. League of Legends has become so toxic that even if the balancing team did do something good, the community would just send threats anyways.

Joe Tung’s New Studio

Anyways, I look forward to seeing what Joe Tung has to offer in his new game studio. Hmm, I wonder if he will stick to MOBAs or move to another genre. Either way, there will always be players ready to complain about your balancing choices Joe Tung! I also want to point out that he used to be called “Audible Chocolate” at some point…

Johnny Django
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