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Is Dauntless Reforged Worth Trying Out? (Review)

Is Dauntless Reforged worth trying out? As a player who hasn’t played the game since launch, I wondered the same thing. So, I went to try, and now I will bring my wisdom to you!

For those of you who haven’t be around like the Diehards, Dauntless Reforged is basically an overhaul. The developers listened to their community, and they have given them what they wanted! So, I’m gonna do a quick overview of what Reforged Patch 1.5.0 changed:

  • Hunting Grounds – Endless Streams of action and activities, basically endless grinding towards select monsters.
  • Slayer’s Path – New Branching Progression System, and it’s a big one! More ways to grind and get the fruit of your labor!
  • Gear Progression – You no longer have to upgrade your weapon through materials; you upgrade them with experience. Every time you level up your weapon, its power will increase. I’ll talk about that later.

What I Like About These Changes

As a returning player, confusion was a constant feeling when I saw the new Ramsgate (Main Lobby). Every merchant, blacksmith, and quest giver have moved, and I was completely lost. After about 5 hours, I was able to figure Reforged out, and it’s amazing! Here’s the new Ramsgate for those who want to see it:

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The gameplay improvements were great because it was always something I knew I wanted but never truly thought about. For instance, the Hunting Grounds are amazing! You get to choose between certain areas that have the select monsters you are looking for and have up to 6 random slayers help you out!

This also helps with the new Weapon Leveling system. Every time you slay a monster, you get these Weapon Merits that help level your weapon. It’s this bar at the bottom of your screen:

Once your level hits level 20, you can do this thing called “Reforging” (If you unlocked the skill to do so in the Slayer’s Path). Reforging is like Prestiging in Call of Duty. You are restarting your grind of that weapon. I think it does something else, but I’m not too educated in that section yet.

Last but not least, the Slayer’s path. One of the biggest skill trees I’ve seen. I haven’t seen many, though, so don’t execute me. You can pretty much upgrade everything in the game from Weapons and Armor to Consumables and Bonus Resistances. Take a look at it here:

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They also added Gliders, which are really fun to use. Anyway, onto the big question that you came here for in the first place.

Is Dauntless Reforged Worth Trying Out?

Yes, it is. Coming from someone who is addicted to Competitive Games, I found something that isn’t competitive that I enjoy. Personally, I enjoy the overhaul between the Hunting Grounds and earning skill levels. The big skill tree is a bonus to my newly found obsession!

If you are a returning player who hated waiting in 3-minute pre-game lobbies to fight 1 monster and repeat, try it out now! If you hated grinding the same monster to upgrade your weapon once or twice every 6 runs, try it out now. I won’t keep going because you already get the point.

Yes, I’m aware that I missed some changes, but I just wanted to cover the update’s main parts. If you would like to make up for my mishaps, there is a comment section below!


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