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How To Find and Tame A Raptor In Fortnite [v16.10]

Welcome, to Fortnite Park!

If you haven’t caught up with today’s update, Raptors got added to the game after being teased for 2 weeks through Dinosaur eggs around the map. Now that the Raptors have been added, what can we do with them? Well, you have 2 options. You can tame them and have them follow you, or you can kill them. You might want to go with the first option, it would be more beneficial for you in the long run. That being said, once you tame them, they will help attack other players and they can one-shot structures!

Keep in mind that these Raptors are harder to find than the rest of the animals, and I heard there are a small amount of them per match! Also, they are tanky and do a decent amount of damage so try not to aggro them yourself.

Raptor Location and How To Tame

From what I’ve seen, there are only two Raptors that can be found and tamed. Those Raptors should be located between Lazy Lake and Weeping Woods! That being said, the easiest way to tame a Raptor is by crafting Hunter’s Cloak (Requires 2 Animal Bones and 2 Meat). After which, you simply equip the cloak, walk up to the Raptor, and tame him by holding down your interact button!

Written by Johnny Django

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