Honest Review – World War Z (Game)

High expectations are set on World War Z due to the previous Zombie Game Masterpieces. Games like Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, State of Decay, Etc… all left behind a standard that must be pleased in later years.

What is the “standard” for Zombie Games in 2020? Glad you asked, here’s a list of qualities that make a Zombie game fun in 2020:

  • Good Shooting System
  • Different Zombie Types
  • Arsenal of God-like Quality Weapons and Tools
  • Increased Difficulty To Challenge The Players
  • Teamwork Requirements
  • RNG (Random Number Generator) Repetition of Levels
  • Interesting Objectives
  • Classes (Optional but adds additional fun)
  • Good Characters
  • Lots of zombies

Does World War Z have those qualities? In short, yes and the game has a f*** load of zombies to shoot. All jokes aside, the only thing that makes World War Z unique is the MASSIVE amount of Zombies and it’s Shooting Style.

If we are talking about challenge, World War Z offers that through Noob players who take over bots and activates battle royale instincts.

Maybe even the overwhelmingly big hordes of zombies that you have no explosives for could be right up your alley!

The point is that the game is difficult but in a fun way! It’s fun because you eventually find out that your game knowledge is weak and you fix it!

Whether that be through shooting the right horde instead of the left because the left has a Electric fence, you find fun in figuring it out through success!

It’s shooting style makes the game even better with it’s recoil kickback and motion blur to simulate human eyes after firing a massive 50. Cal. The map design is amazing, and the classes are cool but could use somes tweaks to enhance their purpose!

Even though there are not that many maps, replaying them doesn’t feel like it drag because the goal of the game is to shoot zombies. You don’t play this game for the story, you play it to lawn mower down thousands of zombies with bullets!

Overall, World War Z brought a interesting experience into most of it’s players! For that, we will be rating the game a 9/10!

World War Z (Game)


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