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Honest Review – Sea of Thieves (In 2020)

Sea of Thieves has been out since 2018, but some wonder “Has the game aged well?”. I recently bought myself a copy of Sea of Thieves and the results were complicated… Let’s start off with the main con of Sea of Thieves!

Immediately after completing the tutorial, I found myself playing solo for 3 hours. That’s when I realized that the game would probably be more fun with friends, I was correct.Β 

If you plan on buying this game to play it solo, good luck on finding that enjoyment. You will realize that having an extra crewmate to help repair your ship or steer while you fire cannonballs at enemies is really useful!

CON 1: You need friends for this game

Once you have those crewmates, that’s where the fun really begins! Battling hostile ships, going on Voyages, playing instruments while you wait at least 20 mins to get your destination… “Wait Django, did you just say 20 mins before you reach your next destination?” yes I did…Β 

Another issue players might run into is the amount of time it usually takes to get to a destination. Now this varies depending on your sail position vs the wind, most of the time you will be going against the wind.

Islands are not super spread from each other, but at least 5 mins between each island. This can be a snooze fest sometimes, causing you to open up a youtube video in the background while you wait.

CON 2: The gameplay is slow half the time

Alright, here’s where all the pros invade this review! Now, having those extra crewmates allows you to do reckless things. Fighting enemy player ships are really enjoyable, blasting skeletons while looting islands for booty and golden skulls are really fun, and fighting giant sea monsters can be a blast!

PRO 1: The action makes up for the slow times

The combat is really balanced (Unlike most competitive games…), every weapon has it’s fairness to it. Shotguns 1 shot up-close, Pistols does half the players hp each shot, and Snipers do 80% of the players hp.

Another cool thing about this game is that there are no weapon upgrades, everyone is on an equal playfield. The only overpowered thing I would say is Gunpowder Barrels…

The blast radius on these barrels baffles me every time someone shoots one. They can also chain link, these are very overpowered tools for destroying boats in this game.

PRO 2: The weapons are balanced

As far as the looting system goes, it’s rare that you get any good loot in 3 hours, but that’s what keeps the game fresh. If the game gave you 5 chests that sell for 1500 gold every hour, the game wouldn’t be rewarding.

PRO 3: The loot system is balanced

“What do you do with the gold if you can’t buy upgrades?” you buy cosmetics. This game probably has one of the biggest cosmetics pools, because they are the only things you can buy in this game!

Literally, you can only use your gold for Vanity, Clothing, Weapon Skins, and customize your ship! Everything is still balanced, you can’t buy upgrades and get an advantage on less experienced players!

PRO 4: There are no upgrades, but you can buy a ton of Cosmetics

Overall, the game is pretty solid when it comes to actual gameplay. I highly recommend you only get this game if you have friends. Again, Sea of Thieves was built to be played with others!

Sea of Thieves


Johnny Django
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