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Harry Potter Wizards Unite – Pokemon GO (Harry Potter Edition)

Niantic Labs & WB Games took notes from Pokemon GO, and then decided to make their own version! It has a lot more to offer besides throwing Pokeballs at Pokemon you’ve probably seen like 8 times in the same day.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite was originally announced November 8th, 2017 but has been released to Australia and New Zealand as a Beta Test not too long ago.Β 

Here’s the Teaser Trailer for Harry Potter Wizards Unite:

More Augmented Reality games will appear soon enough, and each one will top off the other game in a unique way! For instance, Wizards Unite MIGHT (Keyword “MIGHT”) bring a bigger audience due to the Wizard theme itself.

Actual Wizards Unite Gameplay:

Animations may be janky at the moment, but will most likely be upgraded in the upcoming years! The battles look pretty good, but having to draw the Disney Logo perfectly to gain maximum damage may become a pain sooner or later…

This game has the potential to contest Pokemon Go but is going to need some improvement first in my opinion. The Beta Test Release date for the USA, EU, CANADA, Etc… are currently unknown at the moment. We will keep you posted with more Wizards Unite news in the future as it arrives!

What do you think about Wizards Unite? Is it a Pokemon GO “Wanna-be” or another Augmented Reality Success? Let us know down in the comment section below!

Johnny Django
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