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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will be testing your survival skills!

Live Broadcast Trailer:

Ghost Recon: BreakPoint Official Trailer:

What we know so far about Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, is that you (The Elite Ghost Soldier) are fighting against Cole D. Walker (A former Elite Ghost Soldier). Cole Walker hides his identity in a Dr. Doom/Punisher like outfit, along with his many mercenaries who control Lethal Drones, Machines, and have great Tech on their side. That’s the short story dive-in; time for the long story dive-in!

Breakpoint starts off by showing us how smart AI has gotten through their Livestream Trailer! The Lethal drones and Machines are all made by J. Skell and it seems that they have lost all contact with him. They are sending the Ghosts in to find out where J. Skell is; however, they run into problems like Lethal Drones, Well-Equipped Mercenaries (Former Ghosts), and Mental Health issues. Along with all that, they are fighting Cole D. Walker (who was once their ally) to end this evil AI madness! Cole D. Walker appeared in the Ghost Recon: Wildlands “Operation Oracle” update as an ally for the Ghosts! Fighting Cole D. Walker isn’t going to be easy for the Ghosts, because he knows how they work!

They’ve added new features to really test the player’s survival skills in Breakpoint! There’s an Injury system, where your combat could falter if your injuries aren’t dealt with! Climbing up steep hills now allows for slipping and falling, traveling through traversing water will slow you down, and snow will plow you on contact! The Bivouac is a mini-camp setup to get some free time to “clean your weapons, change classes, craft items, upgrade gear, and more; you can then select the desired time of day and weather before venturing back out.”. Last but not least, you can buddy-carry now! Which means you can provide medical aid to your allies and take them to safety!

As for the enemy evasion part of the game, there are a few options you can take to ensure your guaranteed hidden visibility! Β There’s Prone Blending where you can prone into the terrain to make yourself invisible to enemies! The Wolves have many AI used to track you down! Last but not least, you have Adaptive cover!

“An innovative cover system will automatically adapt your Ghost’s body position to match available cover and execute advanced tactics such as leaning to aim around corners. “

What do you think about Breakpoint? Is it going to be good or bad? Let us know in the comment section below!

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