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Genshin Impact “Invitation To Mundane Life” Xiao Banner Comes Out In Two Days

Genshin Impact “Invitation To Mundane Life” Xiao banner comes out in two days! The long-awaited Anemo Spearman, Xiao, will have his banner released on Feb. 3rd, according to a number of people but mainly Zeniet!

So, the banner is dropping with Diona, Beidou, and Xinyan. Increased rates on all select characters, of course! Not only that, MiHoYo will be giving us the option to choose a FREE 4-star between 6 select characters in the upcoming “Stand By Me” event!

Also, you can pre-install the update for 1.3 right now. For more information on the 1.3 “All That Glitters” Update, check this out! Hopefully, you roll Xiao on your first try!

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