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Genshin Impact – Rosaria + Some Abilities Leaked!

Rosaria, the Cyro Nun from Mondstadt, is leaked to be the next character of Genshin Impact! This news bounced around Twitter this morning, and many people are extremely hyped. Here is the art of Rosaria:


Furthermore, they revealed two abilities of Rosaria today as well! So far, we know that she can Blink around her opponents and do a Wide Slash to enemies. Genshin Intel seems to be the first one to catch this information:

An event that passed introduced you to her in the Dragonspire area. She wields a spear, just like the picture above shows. Fans were also excited to get a World Quest by Bough-Keeper, Dainsleif, in these past two days!

So, we most likely won’t get to see Rosa soon, but at least Xiao’s banner launches tomorrow! Also, if you haven’t heard about that news, you can check here. I’m personally glad to see more Spear characters coming out because there was the spam of Swordsmen!

Also, make sure to watch out for the “Stand By Me” event coming soon! This event will allow you to choose a Free 4-Star character from six choices. For those of you about to drop bank to roll Xiao tomorrow, I wish you luck!

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