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Genshin Impact Has A Dark Side That Not Too Many Players Talk About

Genshin Impact made a slam on September 28th of 2020, and it was doing great for a month. After the hype died down, I started to see the dark side of this game.

I’m not talking action-wise, I’m mainly pointing at the Gacha aspect of Genshin Impact. This gambling system was disguised by the hype of a potentially great Anime-styled RPG that had a decent storyline with great action.

Fast forward two months later, and now all I see is a money grab. When you are new to Genshin Impact, it doesn’t look or seem like they are gunning for your money. Once you hit Adventure Rank 25 or above, you start to notice how repetitive Genshin Impact becomes. The game dramatically slows down the higher your Adventure Rank rises, and this causes most to start investing in the low drop-rate summons.

Honestly, if the drop rates weren’t so bad it wouldn’t be an issue. The fact that 10x summons cost $15 with an uber-low drop rate on good characters/weapons is ridiculous, it really downgrades this game. The storyline is good, the action is good, but the loot box-like system is horrible.

Predatory System

Just listen to what Mtashed had to say about the game after dropping a disgusting amount of money on it. I’m not attacking him or anything, but he is a prime example of why this practice is bad:

In this video, he goes off on why the Gacha aspect in Genshin Impact is bad, but he said this which nailed the issue:

I’m worried that me promoting this game and showing off these weapons, has baited people into spending money on this game and maybe pontentially hurting them financially, and I think this system is very predatory.


We all know Genshin Impact was designed to be a money-grab, and I dislike that about this game. I’m not saying it’s unplayable anymore, but I do feel like it’s very pay-to-win.

If you are going to be spending money on the summons, at least up the ratings so people don’t suffer. This will never change because they are not that kind of company, it’s just how they “roll”.

That pun was terrible but not as bad as this system. This article was not meant to discourage you from playing this game, but instead, inform you. Genshin Impact isn’t the only game that does this, but it’s a decently popular example at the moment.

If you choose to dump money into this game, I hope you enjoy it later. I won’t lie to you, I think it’s a complete waste of money, but hey, at least you are enjoying at the moment, right? Just promise me you won’t let Genshin Impact’s Dark Side consume you,

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