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Ganyu: Radiant Dreams Demo Revealed + Release Date!

Ganyu: Radiant Dreams Demo has been revealed today and will be released tomorrow! The upcoming new Ice Bow character has presented us with some interesting abilities. MiHoYo gave us a great animated teaser of Ganyu almost a week ago:

The official demo has been shown to everyone, and it seems as though she daydreams often! Being the secretary to the Liyue Qixing, she honors her contract with Rex Lapis by seeking the well-being of all living things in Liyue!

On that note, her abilities allow doing just that. She can leap backward, throwing an Ice Lotus Mine. Her ultimate is kind of like Amber’s ultimate, but with Ice and a bigger AOE, and she has AOE arrows! This is what the leaks foretold, but here’s what her abilities look like in action:

I think she would make a fine addition to the Ice roster of Genshin Impact! I would put her on a team with Barbara or Mona and perma-stun enemies from a distance. I’d imagine that she would be good with teams that are ranged.

On another note, I heard that Xiao was next up in line to join the roster of Liyue! He was originally supposed to be in the game when it first launched, but MiHoYo decided to do reworking. From the video that I have seen him in, he looks badass, and he’s Anemo on top of it!

So, do you think you will go for Ganyu or save for Xiao, or maybe even both? You can catch the banner for this character tomorrow around 18:00 server time. Let us know down in the comment section below!

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