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Warzone Gallo Loadout Guide (April 2021)

Its just as good as the FFAR up close many say…

Warzone’s meta has been stale since the start of the year, but we are awaiting patches that will bring nerfs to boring overpowered weapons! That being said, some players are so bored of the meta that they’ve actually discovered a Gallo build that can contest the FFAR from up to medium to close range. Crazy enough, that’s not even the best part about this build. While shooting the Gallo with this build, you can move as fast as tactical sprinting with the change of a stock attachment! No more further delay. Let’s hop right into it.

JGOD discovered this build from a viewer of his and found it to be an excellent replacement for the FFAR. That being said, some great players like IceManIsaac, ZLaner, and even Huskerrs decided to try it themselves. Here’s that video if you feel like watching 21 minutes of Gallo action:

Warzone Gallo Loadout

  • Agency Choke
  • 21.4″ Reinforced Heavy
  • SOF Target Designator
  • STANAG 12 Rnd Tube
  • SAS Combat Stock (Tactical Sprint Speed While Shooting) orΒ No Stock (Faster Sprint To Fire)

After testing out this build myself, I found it accelerating to chase people down at lightspeed with a shotgun that showers almost a full mag before they can even react. Again, it’s up to the player’s personal preference to figure out which stock attachment works best. If you are a rusher, go SAS Combat Stock. If you are more passive but need to get out of a close-quarter situation, go No Stock.

Written by Pierce

I mainly focus on First-Person Shooters, but I take a dip in other genres as well from time to time. Two of my favorite games being Modern Warfare and Mortal Kombat! I'm a contributor for Digagami, not an official writer.


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