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Fortnite – Looting Has Been Made Easier & Faster!

Epic Games puts out some Updates following up on lack of Communication between Epic and it’s players! In these updates, we see a feature that will make looting 2x easier & faster!

“Hold To Swap” is the new feature and the Fortnite Team states “We initially added this feature to help improve early game looting, making it easier to get weapons & items in the slots that you wanted.”.

Then states “We’ve fixed some bugs and iterated on this feature since its release, but recognize that some players may not want it enabled at all.”.

Prior to this update, you needed a full inventory to quickly swap out a weapon or item for another on the floor. For example: If you had a Grey Assault Rifle and spotted a Green Assault Rifle, not having a full load-out meant you would have to open your inventory and throw the Grey Assault Rifle out and pick up the Green Assault Rifle.

Now we can just hold the Pickup button (Whatever you have that set to) and swap out a gun without having a full inventory! That saves a lot of time believe or not, especially for those without quick keybindings or slow controller speed.

Edit: The update is already out for those who want to go try it out for yourselves!

What do you think about this feature, is it awesome or ok? Let us know down in the comment section down below!

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