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Fortnite is here to stay for a while, and here’s why.

      Now before we start on why I think Fortnite is going to stay on the top 10 games in popularity for a while, I am first going to take you down memory lane from when I first began playing Fortnite.

     I started playing Fortnite at the end of season 2, and at this time Fortnite started to really blow up. TSM Myth and Ninja were the main ones pulling new players in at the time, meanwhile, Epic Games were freaking out and trying to figure out what to do with a TON of new players entering the game. Season 3-4 were amazing seasons and if I had to say which season they got the most of the money from, it would be because of season 3 due to the battle of bragging rights. Fortnite had the entire gaming world on the ropes during that time but came to an extreme fall when season 5 hit.

     To me, Fortnite lost its popularity when the idea of Rifts went live along with adding Shopping Carts (Season 5) to the game. A big part that made Fortnite unique from other Battle Royales was the fact that you couldn’t do drive-bys with 3 others and hide behind vehicles as protection from bullets. But instead use an extremely unique feature which was the “Minecraft like” part of Fortnite, this is what made the game pop in my opinion. “Oh, you are being shot from 3 different directions? Build some protection!” is what Fortnite’s debut said.

     PUBG and H1Z1 fans were furious when they found out Fortnite was ranking higher than their version of a battle royale, but couldn’t understand why. It’s because Fortnite is Family Friendly (Besides the guns and shooting each other with M14s. Fortnite is like PUBG Third Person mixed with the building aspect of Minecraft, I get why PUBG/ H1Z1 players are mad. But the fact that it showed no blood nor had the option to trash talk your opponent mid shootout made it a perfect pitch for the kids, and those battle royale players who are looking for a more skill required experience. Fortnite brought stole a lot of attention BECAUSE ANYONE CAN PLAY THAT GAME! You can be completely new to gaming and once you see that “Eliminated RhinoAnus” in white and red letters at the bottom of your screen you are hooked!

     Even though the band-wagon riders left on season 5 (Which was good like 40% of the actual player base), the game over all still hasn’t lost its unique gameplay. More and More players started to return to Fortnite (Me being one of those players who returned season 6) to still have some fun. There is not going to be another game like Fortnite (when it comes to quickest popularity built in a short period of time) for a while. They even have plans for making a Ranked for Fortnite in the future, and oh boy is that going to make people come back.

     What do you guys think about this? Was I spot on about all my pointers? Do you think Fortnite is going to stay around for a while? Let me know.

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