Forspoken: The Post-Apocalyptic Parkour Earth Bender Simulator?

Yes, Forspoken is one of Square Enix’s upcoming titles, featuring a post-apocalyptic parkour Earth Bender. Of course, that is just the watered-down explanation for this newly announced game. With that in mind, it truly does put much emphasis on the insane action that was displayed in the trailer! Haven’t seen it yet? Behold, the trailer I was referring to:

As you just saw, the parkour easily reminds me of Warframe’s Bullet Jumping. As for the fighting part, it looks like the main protagonist uses elements to fight her opponents! I’m not sure if she only does Earth Bending, but that’s all I saw on display for now.

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One of the cooler things about Foresaken is that the main protagonist is actually modeled after the Actress, Ella Balinska. This young woman’s name is Frey Holland, and she harnesses her magical abilities to survive in the land of Athia throughout the game!

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Forspoken will be available in 2022 for PS5 and PC. That’s all the information I could find at the moment for this upcoming title in 2022.

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