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New Champion Has A Fire Lance Teased By League of Legends

It’s that time once more, where we see a champion that is either completely useless or broken. We have been greeted this morning by a Fire Lance laying on a battlefield teased by League of Legends:

“Hurt someone enough, and they just might hurt you back,” reads the teaser, and I can already imagine the horrors of champ design that await us. My buddy Kampsycho on the other hand is stoked for the new champion as has potential details on him:

Alright, now that the teaser part is out of the way, I want to start doing “Champion Kit Predictions”. By kit, I mean their abilities because riot loves giving champions 3 dashes with at least 1-2 forms of CC.

Kit Prediction

This champion is set to be a “Heavy Tank Support”. In other words, the champion is going to have:

  • 3 Forms of CC
  • 2 Dashes
  • True Damage
  • Gets half their health back in shield
  • Health scaling will be ridiculous

I’m doing this because lately, champions are coming out completely broken or useless. Sett, for example, is a straight hit or miss. He’s either good in the meta or an abandoned champion for the most part. He hasn’t been that great since his initial release.

On another note, you got Samira, Lillia, and Senna were (still are) complete monsters. Either way, the game will get more and more champions and eventually have enough champs to fit everyone in League of Legends.


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