There Is An Esports Scene For Farming Simulator

There is an Esports scene for Farming Simulator, you read the title right. First off, you got to respect the grind and effort they are putting in. But when you see “Esports” and “Farming Simulator” in the same sentence, it’s hard not to think it’s a meme. Slasher posted a tweet revealing Farming Simulator Esports, and it’s exactly how you would expect it to look like.

Just to clarify, this isn’t a joke and it has a $100,000 prize pool for their tournaments. What shocks me as that this game actually has an Esports Scene. I didn’t know you could get competitive with farming, wasn’t the game built with relaxing intent for Farmers?

Anyways, all jokes aside, at least farmers are starting to see the beauty in gaming. Instead of completely bashing them for their gaming choices, I feel like they should be more welcomed so we can finally establish some common ground in real life.

I never had a friend who was a farmer, and that’s mainly due to having no common interests. They call dudes like me “City Boys” and the thought of gaming made their insides do the get-up. So, this is some major progress for the people that I thought gaming would never reach!

Farming Simulator Research

After doing some research, Farming Simulator Esports has been around for some time now. They started to do some testing with Farming Simulator championships in 2018, which you can see here:

Although I wouldn’t watch it myself, it’s cool to see all kinds of esports scenes being made. There’s almost an Esports scene for anyone’s taste, and that’s the cool part! Most non-gamers think that Call of Duty is the only gaming esports scene, and they base all esports standards off of Call of Duty. All I got to say is, if there is a game you like, there is a high chance it has an Esports scene.

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