Saitama’s Voice Actor Makes Falls Guys Anime Parody

Saitama’s voice actor from One Punch Man makes Fall Guys Anime Parody, and it’s great!

So, it started with Saitama’s voice actor from One Punch Man, Max Mittelman, tweeting “Fall Guys: The Anime”. Another Twitter user @RusselRacoon replied to his tweet with his partially complete panels of his Fall Guys Anime Parody. He also does his own take on voice acting over it, check it out:

Then, Max Mittelman caught wind of this reply and decided to go all-in! He grabbed two more people to help with this project, Robbie Daymond and Ray Chase. With the combination of great panels, experienced anime voice actors, and unnecessary drama, a masterpiece was created:

I loved how it was a normal encounter at first, then it turned into a freakish monster disaster over time. This is an exact representation of how I view sweats in Fall Guys. That part that really got me was when the Hot Dog said “This isn’t even my final form” and turned into an overly-detailed Fall Guy.

I truly believe if we were not in quarantine, this would’ve never been made. If you think about it, quarantine has forced many to go beyond with their thinking considering that’s all there is to do.

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Anyways, this was a great anime parody to a very popular game. What makes this so funny is that Fall Guys is a bunch of brain-wiped beans who make funny noises when you crash into one another. To see them act seriously is where the humor truly shines and it’s awesome!

Hopefully, there will be a part two to this Fall Guys Anime Parody. You know what? What happens if they did the same thing, but with Among Us? That would be pretty funny considering all the preset drama of “Who’s the murderer?”!

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