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Facebook Gaming’s Partnered Streamers Can Stream Licensed Music

Facebook Gaming’s partnered streamers can now stream licensed music.

I’m sure you are fully aware of the DMCA standards that have put lots of streamers under stress. On Twitch, if you have music on in the background of your clips, they will automatically be deleted. Now, this act hasn’t discouraged people from following their streamer dreams, and that’s a great thing.

Recently, Facebook has partnered with some big Music Industry names to help it’s creators out from copyright battles! I’m not too much of a fan of Facebook myself, but that’s pretty cool. They wrote a whole article about this newly-found partnership here. In the said article they claimed:

Our work with music labels, publishers and societies, including Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Kobalt Music Group, BMG publishing, Merlin and many partners means you’re able to include a vast amount of music across a variety of genres – current pop hits, dance floor beats, hip hop, 80s classics and much more.

This feature is only available to partnered streamers at the moment, but they are looking to change that in the future. By “change”, I mean give access to this feature for Level Up streamers. Facebook Gaming seems to be booming, but Facebook is where all my older relatives go to lay waste with their out-of-date memes…

Now, I do think that Social Media platform will get even better with future moves. If you’ve ever thought about trying it out, give it a shot because they just revamped recently so it’s different now. Speaking of Facebook Gaming, have you ever check out our page? Hopefully, upcoming streamers will have this luxury as well on other platforms too!

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