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Express and Firebase Z Maps For BO Cold War Drop This Thursday!

Next stop, this Thursday where one new Zombie map “Firebase Z” and the return of Express arrive! I’m sure you’ve heard the hype around these two, especially the new Zombie map. If you didn’t, don’t worry because I will be covering it right now for you!


Treyarch throwing out another Black Ops 2 banger map! Everybody and their mom know how great Black Ops 2 was, now they are trying to restore faith by returning maps from that Golden Age of Call of Duty.

Express is a Multiplayer map that, again, premiered in Black Ops 2. They added Raid from BO2 not too long ago as well. Alright, time to take a train over to the real hype, Firebase Z.

Firebase Z

Everybody has been waiting for a new Zombies map ever since the game dropped. I’d even say that Zombies is Black Ops Cold War’s main attraction. Although we saw a complete downgrade in Multiplayer gameplay, they made up for it in outstanding Zombie improvements.

Anyway, Firebase Z lands you in Vietnam where Grigori Weaver orders you to save Samantha Maxis. As you saw in the video, it looks like there are 3 new elite Zombies that we have to face! To be honest, I hope they bring back some of the old Zombie maps as well.

I feel like Black Ops 4 zombies had the right ideas, but if they had the Cold War features they’d probably be 10x better. One Zombie map I would LOVE for them to return is Origins.

Only the real Black Ops 2 veterans know about this baby right here! If we are being completely honest though, pretty much every Black Ops 2 zombie map was insanely good. You can’t find that in today’s age of gaming, I feel like they all just bounce off each other scraping together reused ideas nowadays.

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