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Dr. Mundo Has A Fierce New Look and We Like It!

Dr.Mundo has a fierce new look, and we like it!

There’s no doubt that Mundo was in desperate need of a visual rework, and we like what we see. Mundo has always been a fascinating character in the lore of League of Legends.

Although he has apparent ties to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde lore, he’s still managed to maintain his popularity. We believe this rework’s look pulls him a little past that stereotypical brute and more into his own story. However, this new Hulkish look makes you want to learn more about the character and perhaps give Riot a new avenue to expand on his lore.

The new cleaver throw and headbutt tower attack animations look great! Check out some of the new kit features on this vid by Pants are Dragon:

Jason “LankyTree” Chisolm (Visual Artist) stated that one of the main points of this rework was to improve on the “chemically improved physique.” You can now definitely see a distinct difference between ordinary and enhanced Dr. Mundo.

Drew “Sandwichtown” Morgan, Animation Leader, said, “The challenge was finding a balance to make him terrifying without losing his caricature.”

We like it, and we’re here for it. As a result, we believe this update should create a few more Mundo mains. We want to know what you think? See more skins here.

Also, Season 11 is live right now with the brand new cinematic featuring The Ruined King:

Viego almost takes Senna’s life in this cinematic, but Lucian saves the day from The Ruined King’s blade.

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