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DOOM Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass!

DOOM is next up on the Xbox Game Pass arrival list! Recently, Xbox Game Pass’ twitter account shared an image with everyone today. They made it clear that they didn’t hint anything, aka, look for a hint.

One user, Jacob Burns, happened to find this hint out by taking the image and increasing the contrast on it.

Just to make sure it worked, I checked it myself and found the same result. “The Slayer Is Coming” is in the middle of this image, not detectable with the naked eye!

Now, I don’t know exactly what DOOM it is, but I have a feeling it’s the first remake. DOOM Eternal is still relatively new, so I don’t expect them to put that on the pass considering it’s still a $60. It’s still great to get the 2016 DOOM, it has insane graphics for a 2016 game.

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