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DIGARATE – Spirit Blossom Kindred

Digarate presents Spirit Blossom Kindred from League of Legends! We will be analyzing the Appearance, Visual Effects, and Animations (If they’ve changed) of this skin. 

So, what is Digarate (Deh-Guh-Rate)? Digarate is our very own rating system for Skins/Products. We mainly do League of Legends skins at the moment, but we will be looking into other games soon.

The Spirit Blossom series is Riot Games take on Anime, and they did a good job too. This event seemed to be focused around the newer champion “Yone”, who is Yasuo’s brother. You can read more about it here.

Spirit Blossom Kindred’s full splash art


Spirit Blossom Kindred


The Good
  • Her appearance is really cool
  • The Visual Effects are very vibrant and smooth
  • Sound Effects are okay
  • She's has a face in this skin
  • Wolf leaves a petal trail behind when he floats
  • When she marks someone, it shows a sun being overlapped by the moon.
The Bad
  • No new animations


Appearance 10
Visual Effects 8.5
Animations (Including Recall) 6.5
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