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Digagami Alpha – Crucible

Welcome to another episode of Digagami Alpha! In this episode, we are going to be taking a look at Amazon’s latest Third-Person Shooter “Crucible”!

For those who’d rather watch a video of everything I’m about to explain here, I got you covered:

Crucible is Amazon’s take on a Third-Person Shooter, and I’m very shocked that Amazon even started making games! They obviously used their engine Lumberyard to create Crucible, and I can say I’m very impressed!

Crucible’s Graphics

Let’s start off with the visuals first, and they are pretty good for a game with big maps. Crucible has clean lighting but sometimes doesn’t blend well in certain areas of maps.

As of the time of writing this review, Crucible needs optimized graphics badly. For example, I can run Modern Warfare (Which has way more intense graphics) without making my system overheat. Crucible makes my system run hard and the graphics are definitely not as good as Modern Warfare.

This is the only issue I have with Crucible, which is good because it can be fixed easily!

Crucible’s Gameplay

Shooting games nowadays seem to be more competitive than fun, I didn’t feel that way about Crucible. When I hopped into Crucible matches, I didn’t feel like I needed to perform well in order to have fun!

That means a lot to me because I can’t remember the last time I truly “had fun” in shooter games… Crucible had a different feel to it, kind of like an Arcade feel! You aren’t there to take the game seriously, you are there to have fun!

As for the objectives, you may forget that you are even in a competitive match! Crucible has monsters that you have to fight in order to get these blue orbs called “Essence”.Β 

Essence is used to unlock Perks for each character in the game. The more essence you collect, the more perks you unlock! With each character having their own set of unique abilities, you may notice the similarities between Crucible and Overwatch!

In conclusion…

I highly recommend you give Crucible a shot if you are into Third-Person Shooters that negate competitive seriousness! Even though it’s going through the early stages, the combat will keep you busy in the meantime!

Edit: The game isn’t that fun and it seems I’ve over-exaggerated in the video, you are free to flame me on this one!

Let’s roll the ratings shall we?



Johnny Django
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