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Destiny 2 – Xur Location + His OP Content! Jan. 3rd – 7th 2020

Xur is back once more, and he has VERY good loot this time! Before we get into the loot, let’s find out where he is!

Xur is located on IO in the Giant’s Scar distract, located inside a cave surronded by gaint walls!

Once you spawn in, you should be face a giant arena like area surronded by giant walls.

Go through the entrance, and you are going to want to head to the left.

There is a cave over to your left, which is where you will find Xur.

Once you enter the cave, look to your right and Xur will be standing in a corner.

Xur’s Top Tier Loot

Xur is starting off 2020 right! He is giving away some top tier gear this week, here’s a overview:

The Lord of The Wolves – A “Shotgun” that shoots like a Pulse Rifle and does ridiculous damage at medium range. It also has a great ammo capacity for clip as well. Strong in PVP and PVE as well.

The Stomp-EE5 – Very good Leg Armor for Hunters in PVP, allowing them to move way faster. Strong in PVP and PVE as well.

The Dunemarchers – Very good Leg Armor for the Titan in PVP, it makes the Titan faster and has a chain lightning effect upon melee.

The Sanguine Alchemy – Very good Chest Armor for Warlock in PVP. Once you place down your Rift, it gives you a larger ranged radar and marks enemies.

Written by Johnny Django

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