DAMWON Gaming Wins League of Legends Worlds Championship 2020!

DAMWON Gaming wins League of Legends Worlds Championship 2020! Coming to no surprise for most, DAMWON takes home the Worlds 2020 trophy, and with it, Suning’s dreams.

LPL’s streak ends with a 3-1 sweep on Suning by DAMWON this morning. This would be DAMWON’s first Worlds win, so congratulations LCK once more! Unfortunately, my pick em’s were gutted during the most crucial hours:

What Exactly Happened?

ShowMaker slapped Suning onto the ground with his Orianna in game 1:

Bin retaliates and drops a penta-kill closer on DAMWON in game 2:

Game 3 was close between the two teams until SwordArt got picked before Baron spawned. This resulted in Suning losing the fight for Baron and them getting ran down in their base because of it:

The last match was a complete s***show for Suning, absolutely dominated by DAMWON in the final hour. At the end of match 4, the kill score was 24 to 7. DAMWON made that look effortless in the final moments of Worlds 2020:

Great job to DAMWON for winning this year’s Worlds, and hopefully I can find a favorite team by the end of next season.

This Worlds tournament ended up all over the place, even I was shocked to even have made it that far in Pick Em’s. If I didn’t see Suning’s SoFM pop off with Nidalee, I would’ve gone with Top Esports. On the other hand, I knew DAMWON was going to clean sweep the bottom bracket with ease.

Those who did manage to achieve perfect pick em’s, will receive all five Ultimate skins on League of Legends, and an Alienware Computer! According to the charts, 8 people have won this prize:

Maybe next year, North America will win? Hahahahaha… I wonder if we ever will see that happen. Hopefully, while the game is still going strong.

Written by Johnny Django

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