DIGAGAMI ALPHA – Fall Guys (Review)

Back at it again with ANOTHER Digagami Alpha, this time taking a look at Fall Guys!

As usual, we make a video for those who prefer Visuals + Audio over reading. We got you covered on both sides, so here is the video:

As I stated in the video, Fall Guys is a very simple game. Fall Guys was intended for you to play with your friends and goof off. You can think of it as Mario Party, but with 3 controls.

The entire objective of Fall Guys is to win against 59 other players in a series of minigames. These minigames include Racing, Team-Based Events, and Survival. Each match has 5 rounds. In those rounds, you have to make it to a certain threshold or be disqualified.

For example, there will be a qualify tab on the top right of your screen. During that round, you have to make it within that threshold to qualify (go to the next round).

The last part that you need to know is there are 3 abilities that you have. You can Jump, Dive, and Grab, simple right? I don’t really have to explain that one unless I’m teaching a toddler, no offense.

Only Get Fall Guys If…

All that being said, Fall Guys is only good with friends. Now the reason I say that is because it’s like playing Mario Party by yourself. You aren’t going to enjoy it because you don’t have anybody to enjoy it with. This game is highly dependant on friend groups and people who want to goof off/waste time.

If you are a player without buddies who own the game nor want to get it, I don’t suggest you buy the game. Sure, you can go on the Fall Guys discord and hope to find people who don’t rage quit after they get pushed off the edge, but good luck.

Fall Guys is competitive

Gamers these days are a lot more aggressive and they don’t care about having fun. All they want is “Squad wins” or “wins” in general, which amounts to literally nothing later. Most of this comes from Fortnite, because that is the breeding ground for people who only want to win. Sure, winning is fun don’t get me wrong, but it’s when you tilt and start flaming that it’s unnecessary.

Fall Guys still makes people sweat, that’s just gaming these days and we have to accept that. A good portion of gamers have fun through being toxic or only winning. The rush they get from being on top and thinking “Man, I’m better than everyone else” is fun to them.

We can’t say that Fall Guys is not for the competitive players when you literally have to outsmart 59 other players in order to win. You get rewarded for being on top as well, with crowns to be exact. You can see this at the top right of the lobby screen:

After you collect enough crowns, you can then trade them in for unique cosmetics that are hard to earn. Which enables players to want to try even harder to win. Here is what the shop looks like:

In conclusion

I’m giving Fall Guys a 7/10 because the game is not good if you are alone. Even though they matchmake you with 59 other players, it’s not fun to goof off by yourself. With friends, I had a lot more fun.

There is still a lot of gameplay and mechanical issues within the game, so it’s not completely stable. If you have 3 other friends who like games similar to Gang Beasts or Battleblock Theater, then give this game a shot. Just keep in mind that this game is obviously meant for kids, not Call of Duty: Warzone sweats.


Written by Johnny Django

Co-founder of Digagami. Johnny Django is a gaming enthusiast with raw-unfiltered opinions who has a major love for the Video Game Community.


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