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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta Already Dealing With Hacker Issues

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War beta is experiencing hacker issues. I know the game is not even out yet, but this is far from the first time the COD community has dealt with Hackers.

Recently, multiple people who recorded hackers who’ve been making the matches not fun for most:

Hackers are hard to keep out, especially with technology getting better by the month almost. This could be an issue for Cold War’s release because people aren’t going to want to play it if hackers are in almost every match.

Hopefully, these are just a few cases, and they will solve this issue before the Cold War release in November. Although I hear mixed reviews about Cold War so far, I can’t trust this community due to its everlasting toxicity. I’d rather wait until release and find out what more people say about it first.

Call of Duty’s community is full of people who say the game is trash but then pre-order the next title. Tons of trash talk, still people wanting to join clans for sniping battles, shit is just played out by now.

Hopefully, Cold War brings back the same feeling I got from Black Ops 2 a while ago. Since then, Modern Warfare (2019) has been the only good title after Black Ops 2.

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