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DIGAGAMI ALPHA – Genshin Impact

Digagami Alpha presents Genshin Impact this time around! The highly-anticipated Gacha RPG has finally made its way into our Top three best games of 2020! As usual, we have a video for those of you who would rather listen to my lovely voice than to read paragraphs right here: I got you covered with my full rundown…

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DIGAGAMI ALPHA – Minecraft: Dungeons

Welcome back to another issue of Digagami Alpha! This time, we will be reviewing Minecraft Dungeons!  You already know the drill, here's a video made for those who don't like to read: Minecraft: Dungeons is Mojang's take on a Top-Down Dungeon Crawler RPG, and it fits the genre well! This game is more for…

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Digagami Alpha – Crucible

Welcome to another episode of Digagami Alpha! In this episode, we are going to be taking a look at Amazon's latest Third-Person Shooter "Crucible"! For those who'd rather watch a video of everything I'm about to explain here, I got you covered: Crucible is Amazon's take on a Third-Person Shooter, and I'm very…

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ROCK ‘EM SOCK ‘EM: The Return of UFC

Last night marked the return of what is arguably the most-watched sport of the decade: UFC UFC 249 UFC 249 viewers’ opinions were divided over the long-awaited result.  UFC 249 was the promotion’s first event in two months because of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Without the noise of a packed stadium, viewers could hear the fighters…

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