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World War Z: Aftermath Has Been Revealed

World War Z: Aftermath has been revealed recently, and it's taking a first-person perspective! In other words, they mixed a first-person shooter mechanic in with its current third-person shooter angle. That's fantastic! I also see that they've kept some of the original characters while from the first title. Check out this amazing trailer for World…

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Control Is Free-To-Keep On Epic Games Store

Control is free-to-keep on Epic Games Store! You can either claim it and download it on the client or head over to their official Control page here. Along with this new free game (which the community highly appreciates), is the arrival of Genshin Impact on the Epic Games Store, and Discord! They've always been free,…

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Battlefield 2042 Takes A Time-Trip To Future!

The long-awaited reveal for 2021's Battlefield title is finally over! Battlefield 2042 is the upcoming warfare, and it's bringing the series to a theme we haven't seen before. Futuristic cars, gadgets, weapons, and maps await everyone in this game! I'm excited to see the gameplay for Battlefield 2042 soon! I really like how…

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