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Cloud 9 Drafts All-Female Esports Valorant Team!

Cloud 9 drafts first-ever all-female esports Valorant Team! This is great news because this will unlock pathways for other females to jump on in!

Recently, Cloud 9 has announced its latest Valorant Team will have an all-female roster. In a community where racism and sexism strive to discourage most, we see some people piercing through those stigmas! Check out their intro video, it’s pretty sick:

As for Valorant, it’s a fresh new community unlike League of Legends or CS:GO. I have female friends who are great at these games, but they are scared of the sexist comments that potentially wait for them. When I see stuff like this, it gives me hope that they will be inspired by this as well.

Anyways, did you see those insane flicks? Holy sh** meL especially is INSANE! The snaps from one head to another are wicked, I might have a new favorite player soon! All of them are really talented, and I also do hope that they won’t be discouraged by sexist comments.

I also feel like it would make the scene more interesting all around the board! It adds variety and nothing’s more boring than seeing the same shit over an’ over again. I fully support this team, and I’m really interested in seeing meL’s snap headshots in a pro match!

Hello, my name is Kai and I'm a contributing writer for Digagami. I like to watch anime, play video games (League of Legends being my main squeeze), and share the news with you all!

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