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Bored And Away From Home? Here’s 5 Mobile Games To Defeat Your Boredom!

1. Dokkan Battle

Dokkan Battle is a “free-to-play mobile game based on the Dragon Ball anime franchise ” as described by BANDAI. But to sum things up, you try to match the orbs with your character types (If your character is type red, then you want to look towards hitting a line of red orbs) to defeat enemies from Dragon Ball.

It’s slow on your first time, but once you start pulling good cards you will find great enjoyment out of this game! Avaliable on IOS and Android

2. Punch Quest

Punch Quest is a Dungeon Runner where you Punch things (Like it says in the title) and gain power-ups, customizable gear, and awesome rewards for venturing further into the Dungeon!

Careful not to get hit by enemies in your path, you have 5 health bars at the top left of your screen and each time you take a hit one of the bars disappears! Don’t let that discourage you, get out there and beat those bosses up! Available on Android and IOS.

3. Idle SuperMarket Tycoon

Being one of the more Relaxing Games on this list, we have Idle SuperMarket Tycoon! The main goal of this game is to have the greatest Super Market around! You can achieve this by upgrading different sections in your Market to bring in more money! If you exit out of the app, don’t worry they will continue to keep working and you will have lots of money when you come back!

Enjoy watching you market get more and more popular! Available on Android and IOS.

4. Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier is a Turn Based RPG that is Anime Inspired; it’s also one of the more complex games to learn on this list… But once you learn it, it becomes really fun! Let’s start with the simplest way of explaining this game. You fight in dungeons to collect Gems so you are able to summon BADASS Anime Inspired characters that once leveled up, can one-shot almost anything! Alright, time for the more complex way of describing it…

In order for you to obtain these gems you have to Beat dungeons (Which may or may not be time consuming), but if you don’t have the right team it can lead to problems. To avoid this, they developed types which are Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Dark, and Light. Each type has a counter to another type which will be a big factor in whether you win a battle or not.

Rank up each character to his/her full power and you will be rewarded with massive damage towards an enemy. This game also likes to collab with Animes such as Fairy Tail or My Hero Academia! With all that being said, it’s a very enjoyable game once you actually get into it! Available on Android and IOS.

5. MergePlane

There isn’t too much to say about this game because it’s really straight forward. You take 2 planes that have the same number as the other plane, then you merge them into a better plane. Rinse and Repeat then throw them on the track and earn money to buy more planes and upgrade them even more! Here, just look at these slides, they will show you what I’m talking about! Available on Android and IOS.

Here are my 5 games that will help you kill boredom! Hopefully, you find as much enjoyment in them as I do; also if you have anything to add let us know in the comment section!

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