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Borderlands 3 Next-Gen Free Upgrade + New Skill Trees!

Borderlands 3 Next-Gen free upgrade plus new skill trees, great news!

Just like many games that are getting ready to transition over to Next-Gen consoles, Borderlands 3 joins the list. Current-Gen owners will be upgrading Borderlands 3 to PS5 and Xbox Series X for free! This was announced during PAX Online, which you can watch the recap here.

Along with that great news, includes new intel on upcoming updates for Borderlands 3! We are getting new skill trees for every character, which would add even more possibilities! They have no revealed everyone’s new tree yet, but they have revealed FL4K’s new Trapper tree!

FL4K’s new tree is based around Crowd Control, which includes Gravity Snares, Taunting, and even roundhouse kicks! Can you imagine getting roundhouse’d by a Hyperion Loader bot? The bot comes in three varieties, ION Loader, BUL Loader, and WAR Loader. You can read more about that here.

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