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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Looks Great!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies looks great! I haven’t been hyped like this about Zombies in a while. It reminds me of when I was younger!

I’ll probably get assassinated for saying this, but every Call of Duty title between Ghosts (2013) – Modern Warfare (2019) was garbage. Jetpacks were a massive L to Call of Duty, the class ideas were good but executed poorly, and the zombie maps were reskinned.

When Modern Warfare (2019) came out, Call of Duty caught my attention again. Now that Black Ops Cold War was announced, I’m starting to see things I like about Cold War. I will get into the rest of the game another time, but let’s focus on Zombies.

First off, THAT TRAILER WAS BADASS! I love how they take a song and make it super dramatic but funny while in a serious situation. Enough about the music, did you see those guns and power-ups? On top of all that, there are killstreaks in zombies!

There is a second trailer where the Developers themselves hop on and tell you what you can do in this next-gen of Zombies:

You can start with any weapon of choice, and you can even use multiple weapons at a time! There is even a way to escape from the horde other than death, and you get rewarded for it. This new Black Ops title already has my money. There aren’t that many good zombies games out there anymore.

Nostalgia Call of Duty

Remember when you used to come home from work or school and grind the rounds for bragging rights? Those are the moments I missed about Call of Duty that I never got through Black Ops 3 or 4. Advanced Warfare didn’t even belong in the genre, and Infinite Warfare was awful. Hopefully, Cold War brings back the love for the game that left me seven years ago!

Written by Johnny Django

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