Character Review: Baptiste

Our Thoughts

Baptiste is a DPS/Support that Excels in both healing and dealing massive damage. Compared to the other characters Overwatch has made, we think this Hero might be a little too overpowered… Anyways, here are his abilities.

> Biotic Launcher – Baptiste’s three-round-burst Biotic Launcher rewards accuracy and recoil control with significant damage output. It also doubles as a healing device, lobbing projectiles that heal allies near the point of impact.

> Regenerative Burst – Baptiste activates an intense regenerative burst that heals himself and nearby allies over time.

> Immortality Field – Baptiste uses a device to create a field that prevents allies from dying. The generator can be destroyed.

> Amplification Matrix – Baptiste creates a matrix that doubles the damage and healing effects of friendly projectiles that pass through it.

> Exo Boots – By first crouching, Baptiste can jump higher.




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