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Back 4 Blood Has Been Delayed, But Not By Much Longer!

Delayed 4 Reasons…

Back 4 Blood is another victim to the delay wave, which many would assume was caused by the ongoing pandemic. Whether that be the case or not, we still won’t be playing this Left 4 Dead-like game until the end of this year. They released a statement today on Twitter addressing this decision to make the “best game it can possibly be at launch”:

If you haven’t heard of this game before, it’s basically Left 4 Dead in a nutshell. It has some features that may be different, but the core gameplay is almost identical to that of Left 4 Dead. Made by Turtle Rock Studios, we can tell immediately that they wanted to keep the game similar but add elements that would make the game more interactive. Don’t get me wrong, L4D was rich in heavy amounts of zombies, special zombie ideas, and map design. But, being someone who has played L4D titles non-stop in middle school, there are some things that I look back on that definitely wouldn’t catch my attention today.

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From what the trailer for Back 4 Blood showed, this game fixes some of the annoyances that Left 4 Dead couldn’t. The biggest of the changes being able to Sprint and ADS, which add more of an immersive experience if done correctly. This issue stems from the beta test they did during the start of the year, which displayed an unpolished perspective of Back 4 Blood. Yes, beta tests are meant to address and fix issues that developers couldn’t catch themselves, but the game looked half-finished. What was a June release date, got pushed forward to October 12th, 2021. I won’t leave you empty-handed, so here is a video that goes into a deep level of observations on Back 4 Blood’s beta test by Tyler McVicker:

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